Flight School & Aircraft Rental

Hoosier Aviation offers flight training for a variety of different pilot certificates and ratings.  Whether you have always dreamed of learning how to fly and you are finally ready to take the leap, or if you are hoping to one day make a career of it, we have the perfect training program for you! 

  • Private Pilot Training
  • Instrument Training
  • Multi Engine Training
  • Multi Engine Instructor Training
  • High Performance Endorsements
  • Tail Wheel Endorsements
  • Spin Endorsements
  • Unusual Altitude Training
  • Glass Cockpit Training

We do all of our training in our well kept and well equipped aircraft.  We have a Piper Warrior, Cessna 152, Ballanca 7ECA Citabria, and a Beechcraft Baron A55 .  We also rent these aircraft on an hourly basis with the required ratings, hours and CFI checkout. Please schedule a time to come in and get checked out.

1976 Piper Warrior- N8492F (4 Seats)
$145 / hr
$35 / hr for instruction

  • IFR Certified
  • Engine: Lycoming 0-320-E3D 150HP
  • Radios: Aspen EFD1000 EFIS, Garmin GMA340, Garmin 430W, Garmin SL30, Garmin GTX327, Dual Garmin NAV ind w/ Dual GS, Piper Autoflite II, Backup Attittude. 4pl Intercom, Stereo Jack
  • 10 and 20 Hour Block Rates Available

1978 Cessna 152- N525HF
$110 / hr
$35 / hr for instruction

  • IFR Certified
  • Engine: Lycoming 0235 L2C
  • Radios: KN62 DME, KN 53 Nav., KY 196 Com., KMA20 Audio Panel
  • 10 and 20 Hour Block Rates Available

1975 Bellanca 7ECA Citabria- N8724V
$110 / hr
$35 / hr for instruction

  • Engine Lycoming 0235-C1
  • Radios: Narco AT 150 TSO Com., King KX 175B Nav., Garmin Pilot II GPS
  • 10 Hour Block Rate Available

1962 Beechcraft Baron A55- N1019D (New Interior and Upgraded Avionics)

$265 / hr

$35 / hr for instruction

  • Engines: (2) Continental IO470L
  • Radios: Aspen EFD1000 EFIS, Garmin GMA 340, Garmin GNS-530W, Garmin GTX-327, and a Garmin GNS-430W.